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Crochet for Pets, March Maker Madness, National Pig Day

We Start March 1st and go all the way to March 15th. Every day a new never-released free pattern will be live for you to enjoy.

Each designer will have a coupon code for a free PDF download valid for 24 hours from publishing.

All designs will be for pets, so you can make for your pets or to donate to your local favorite charity or rescue organization.

All featured patterns will be forever free on the blog post.



The free Pattern is here: Jack’s Bandana



March Maker Madness

Hello,  crochet lovers. March is here and its time for some new free crochet Patterns.  You are in the right place as we have 25 free crochet patterns gathered together for the 25 Days of March Maker Madness Blog Hop.  I will be sharing one pattern each day from March 1-25th in March.
Welcome to the March Maker Madness Blog Hop for 2024.

Day 1 - The Winter Scarf From Carroway Crochet


National Pig Day


snorkeling pig Snorkeling Pig Amigurumi 

Three Little Pigs Panhandlers

Pig Kitchen Boa Crochet Pattern Pig Kitchen Boa Crochet Pattern

Pig Eyeglass Holder Crochet Pattern Pig Eyeglass Holder Crochet Pattern

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

Farm Animals Coloring Page

ladybug crochet patterns Ladybug Crochet Patternscat friendship bracelet Cat Friendship Bracelet

Strawberry Phone Wallpaper


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