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Zoo Blog Hop Day 15 - Bunnies!

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Bunnies, bunnies everywhere! They're multiplying like rabbits! Today is our busiest day yet - 9 different bunny rabbit patterns, each one as cute as it can be. Which one will you make first?


bunny crochet pattern


Classic Amigurumi Bunny from Once Upon a Cheerio



bunny crochet pattern


Some Bunny in the Hood from Once Upon a Cheerio



bunny rabbit cupcake


Bunny Rabbit Cupcake from Sweet Softies



bunny crochet pattern


Some-BUNNY to Love from Sweet Softies



bunny crochet


That's a "Latte" Bunny from The Burgundy Basket



bunny applique


Bunny Rabbit Applique Motifs from Knit & Crochet Blog



bunny crochet pattern


Jojo the Mailman Bunny from Octopus Crochet



bunny dish scrubby


Bunny Dish Scrubby from My Fingers Fly




Bunny Bath Pouf Pattern from My Fingers Fly







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