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Pleated Cloth Face Masks

$ 6.99
Pleated cloth face masks, handmade with cotton/polyester blend woven fabric. Lining has an opening in the middle to allow insertion of filter. More designs to come. Masks measure approximately 3.5" tall by 7" wide when flat, and built-in pleats allow it to expand to cover bottom half of face. Each mask has elastic ear straps on each side and wire across the nose. Machine washable and reusable.
  • Soccer  - pink flannel with black & white soccer balls, white lining, white elastic.
  • Hearts - red hearts and blue stripes on ivory background, white elastic.
  • Pink camouflage  - 100% cotton fabric, white elastic.
  • Unbleached muslin, white lining, white elastic.
  • Abstract  - black background, abstract print, white lining, black elastic.
  • Solid blue with white elastic.
  • Flames - red, orange and yellow flames on black background, black elastic.

These masks are not medical grade masks and are not FDA approved. They are designed to help you avoid touching your face. Even when wearing a mask, the CDC still recommends practicing social distancing, which means staying 6 feet apart from others in public.

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