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Lover's Eye Necklace Crochet Pattern - Lover's Eye Brooch Crochet Pattern

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In 1785, Prince George or Wales commissioned a tiny portrait of his eye and sent it to his beloved, Maria Anne Fitzherbert, to convince her to marry him. It worked, and they were married shortly thereafter. The Prince then commissioned a portrait of Fitzherbert's eye so that he might have her with him all the time. The tiny portraits became popular in England in the late 18th century. Some commissioned them as a token of affection for their lover, and others used them as a memento of a departed family member.

You can crochet your own lover's eye for a necklace or brooch. This simple pattern takes only an evening to complete and measures approximately 2” wide by 1.25” tall.

Skill level: Easy

#10 crochet cotton yarn
4 yards tan
2 yards white
3 yards blue (or desired eye color)
1 yard black
Size 7 steel crochet hook
Crewel needle 
28, 4-mm pearl beads
Small piece of tan felt
Jump ring and chain for necklace or pin for brooch

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